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Croft & Hill Inspiration

High standards for the interior finishes matches the luxurious exteriors. Croft & Hill was designed with modern luxury in mind, and boasting a plethora of amenities outside your front door.

Floor-to-ceiling windows bathe the residences in natural light, and the timeless blend of glass, steel and wood compliments the urban contemporary setting of Willowdale.

Dramatic dark finishes

Dramatic Darks

Caramel and mocha tones make for a warm and welcoming home. From intimate hues of rich brown, to neutral, earthy tones, this colour palette will be an invitation to your cozy home, every day.

Graceful grey finishes

Graceful Greys

Timelessly modern, the neutral greys in this package complete any space cleanly and elegantly, embodying both refined chic and the comfort of home.

Beau Blanche finishes

Beau Blanche

A white interior is the perfect canvas for you to showcase your unique style. This selection of finishes will compliment the clean lines of the architecture, and give your space a contemporary and classic feel.